Nurdan Apaydın, 1st Division of General Directorate of State Highways-Turkey

Keynote: "Long-span bridges: behavior under operational and extreme loads”


Christoph Czaderski, EMPA

Keynote: "Iron based shape memory alloys - a new material for prestressing of concrete structures”


Michael N. Fardis, University of Patras

Keynote: "Experience from the use of the European Standard EN1998-3:2005 on seismic assessment and retrofitting of buildings and prospects for the future"


Daniele Inaudi, SMARTEC

Keynote: "Point, quasi- and fully-distributed optical fiber sensing: what to use for SHM?”


Koichi Kusunoki, University of Tokyo

Keynote: "Automatic damage classification with SHM - We must know the condition of structures right after an earthquake”


Mehdi Saiidi, CATBI

Keynote: "Smart materials for accelerated bridge construction in high seismic zones”





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